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Minecraft 1.16.4

Minecraft 1.16.4, released on November 3rd, fixes a few crashing issues, and adds a new 'social interactions' screen.

The JDRGaming Minecraft server runs Spigot, a collection of modifications to the Minecraft Java server that improve gameplay and server administration. Spigot development always lags behind Minecraft, so the JDRGaming server stays at the previous version until a stable update of Spigot is available.

I've just updated the JDRGaming Minecraft server to Spigot 1.16.4.

Please let me know if you notice any problems with the new version. Use the About/contact link in the JDRGaming menu.

Minecraft 1.16.3

Minecraft 1.16.3 was released on September 10. According to the release notes, the new version fixes a couple of bugs related to piglins.

Last night I successfully upgraded the JDRGaming Minecraft server to the latest version of Spigot, which is compatible with Minecraft 1.16.3. The GriefPrevention plugin was also updated.

Please let me know if you encounter any new problems (see About/contact in the menu at the top of the page).

Minecraft 1.16.2

Minecraft 1.16.2 was released on August 11, 2020. The new version is a minor update, which adds a few minor features (including experimental support for custom biomes), and fixes several bugs.

See the release notes for Minecraft 1.16.2 for the details.

As usual, I waited for a corresponding release of Spigot, and when that became available, I updated the JDRGaming Minecraft server. The basic upgrade was completed on September 1, and some additional adjustments were completed this morning, September 2.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have questions about the new version.

Minecraft 1.16.1

After a few technical issues yesterday, I successfully upgraded the JDRGaming Minecraft server to the latest server version. It's now running Minecraft (Spigot) version 1.16.1.

Minecraft 1.16 was released on June 23, with 1.16.1 following the next day. I usually wait a few weeks before upgrading the server, because it takes the Spigot mod developers some time to update Spigot to work with the new Minecraft version.

The release notes for Minecraft 1.16 list a huge number of changes, many of them related to the Nether. Well, this is the first Nether Update, after all.

The release notes for Minecraft 1.16.1 show that this is a minor bug fix update.

I've also upgraded the anti-griefing, security, and scripting plugins used on the server. Everything should work as before, although one of the plugins is an alpha version. So I'll try to keep a close eye on things over the next few days.

If you notice anything broken or not working as expected, please let me know. Use the About/contact link in the top menu.

BF2 server now running Forgotten Hope 2 version 2.57

Released on July 6, Forgotten Hope 2 version 2.57 addresses several issues discovered after the release of FH2 2.56 earlier this year. The release notes for FH2 2.57 list all the changes.

The JDRGaming Battlefield 2 server is now running FH2 2.57.

If you notice any problems with the new server version, please let me know: use the About/contact link in the top menu of this site.

BF2 server now running FH2 2.56

I've just finished upgrading the BF2 server, and it's now running FH2 version 2.56, the latest version of that mod.

I apologize for the delay in getting the server upgraded, but as you know, shit happens.

If you notice any problems with the new version, please let me know. See About/Contact in the top menu for contact details.

JDRGaming web site upgraded

The JDRGaming web site was down for a few hours today in order to upgrade the site's underlying CMS software.

Nothing much has changed, and I've tested the site's functionality, so everything should work as before. If you do notice anything broken, please let me know: click About/Contact in the top menu.

Minecraft 1.15.2

Minecraft 1.15.2 was released on January 21.

The release notes for the new version list numerous changes and bug fixes. Many of them involve the recently-added bee and beehive features.

The JDRGaming Minecraft server is now running Minecraft (Spigot) 1.15.2.

NOTE: I also found and fixed a typo in the server's welcome message. The custom command for getting the claim tools is actually /giveclaimtools, not /getclaimtools. Sorry about that.

Full functionality returned to Minecraft server

On December 18, I upgraded the JDRGaming Minecraft server's world data. Upgrading world data can often resolve various kinds of problems, some of which cause error messages and sluggish performance.

I'm satisfied that the upgrade had the desired effect, in that the world seems less buggy and has fewer performance issues (e.g. lag). However, I failed to notice that the Skript plugin was no longer functioning normally after the upgrade.

Skript provides much of the functionality related to the new 'claims' and other anti-griefing security features. So none of that stuff was working.

I finally noticed the problem yesterday, and resolved it by upgrading Skript and deleting some out of date files. Claims and other scripting-related functions should once again be working normally.

I apologize for the screwup.

TPU stats are updating again

I found a workaround for the TPU stats problem that started on January 1, 2020. It involves changing the year of each round from 2020 to 2019. Yes, it's clunky, but it works.

None of the round, map, or player stats refer to dates, so this doesn't actually mess anything up. Well, nothing important anyway.

The only place on the stats page where year is now showing as 2019 when it should be 2020 is in the server stats section towards the bottom:

Server has logged rounds from 2019-01-01, 04:01:43 to 2019-01-05, 04:49:30

UPDATE 2020Jan07: I found a workaround for the year being wrong in that one spot on the stats page.

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