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TPU Costs

Hosting: As of August 2015, hosting for jdrgaming.com and the TPU stats is on my own server, Foghorn, which is also where the JDRGaming game servers are hosted, including TPU.
Internet service (Shaw) status as of 2015-Jan-31:
Xtreme plan (aka High Speed 25)
Bandwidth cap: 250 GByte/month
Download speed: 25 Mbit/second
Upload speed: 2.5 Mbit/second

Not included in these calculations:

  • physical hardware costs (the new server: Foghorn)
  • electrical power to run Foghorn
  • my time administering TPU itself as well as jdrgaming.com
  • base cost of the Xtreme Internet package from Shaw (I would have this even if I didn't run TPU)

Included in this calculation:

  • domain registration for jdrgaming.com ($15 USD/year)
  • current bandwidth cap overages: monthly allowance is 250 GB; $2 per GB exceeded

Here's a link to Shaw's current policy:
Terms of Use - Acceptable Use Policy - Internet
Note the following sections in particular: Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitation, and Traffic Management Policies.

Update 2011Oct15 - I found some more details hidden away on Shaw's web site: "When you subscribe to one of our Broadband packages, you will be opting into the Bump-Up Program. The data included in our broadband packages are among the most generous in North America. If you exceed your package's included data, you will automatically be bumped up to the next level of Broadband Internet package for the remainder of your billing cycle. You'll receive the higher speeds and data and will be charged the difference between package pricing. Once your new billing cycle begins, you will return to your original Internet package and your data will be reset to zero.

Broadband Plan    Monthly Data Included    Monthly Cost
Broadband 50      400 GB                   Included
Broadband 100     500 GB                   +$10
Broadband 100+    750 GB                   +$20
Unlimited 100     Unlimited                +$60

The first time your included data is exceeded, you will receive one month's grace and won't be bumped up to the next tier. The Bump-Up Program will take effect February, 2012."

I'm not able to find any other reference to the 'Bump-Up Program' or related policies on the Shaw web site. So it remains unclear whether this program is actually in effect.

Since I started running TPU, I have never been billed extra or notified by Shaw that I exceeded my monthly bandwidth allowance. However, according to other users, Shaw's enforcement of this policy is inconsistent. So it's difficult to say whether I have actually exceeded the monthly cap at any time. All I know is that Shaw has never said anything and I have never been charged anything on top of the normal monthly bill.

Current costs for running TPU/jdrgaming (as of August 2015):

  • Domain registration: $15 USD/year
  • =======================
  • Total: $15 USD per year ($1 USD/month) << not too bad

I monitor the traffic on my network constantly, but in terms of bandwidth costs, the only thing that matters is traffic between my router and Shaw. Filtering out all of the other noise (LAN traffic, mainly) is slightly challenging, but I'm working on it. Complicating things further is the fact that I run a wireless network as well, and measuring traffic between the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Wireless WAN (WLAN) is even more difficult. As I get better at measuring actual WAN traffic, I'll post the numbers here.

Another complication is what appears to be occasional Gamespy DDoS attacks on TPU. Regardless of whether these are directed attacks against TPU, collateral damage in attacks against other hosts, problems with associated servers (eg. master.bf1942.sk) or simply the result of misconfigured game servers or server monitors, these attacks can chew up a lot of bandwidth, fast. I stop them as soon as I detect them, but sometimes I don't notice for a few hours.

Donation totals

  • 2011
    • February: $15 (Sisko)
    • March: $15 (Sisko), $100 (DarkRyda)
  • 2012
    • February: $10 (Sisko)
  • 2013
    • February: $30 (Sisko)
  • 2014
    • March: $35 (Sisko)
  • 2015
  • 2016
    • February: $30 (Sisko)
  • 2017
    • March: $15 (Sisko)

Thanks, folks!

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