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TPU Challenges

Flying classic WW II vintage aircraft in Battlefield 1942 is a blast. Going head to head with the surprisingly effective bot flyers is of course much easier on TPU, because you can always find a plane to fly, and so can the bots.

But sometimes it's fun to just fly around, performing aerobatics and testing the limits of the different planes. I particularly enjoy getting vertical stall kills (including recovery, of course). Spend enough time on a map, and you'll start to wonder whether you can fly your plane under that little bridge. Eventually you'll try it, and then you'll know.

Once you've accomplished some amazing feat of flying, it's fun to challenge your fellow flyboys (and gals) to do the same thing. Eventually, someone will come up with a series of specific actions, which string together nicely into a complete flying challenge. Finish one of these challenges without digging a hole to China, and your name will go down in history. Well, server history, anyway.

The first challenge most of us on TPU heard about is the BF109 Battle of Britain challenge, originally developed by the kink group. Here at TPU we liked it so much we've adopted it and have decided to make it the first official TPU challenge.

More challenges are in the works, and they will be posted here when they're ready for public trials. Eventually we may even get into other kinds of challenges, besides flying.


  1. The kink BF109 Battle of Britain flying challenge

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