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TPU admins

While the TPU server hardware, software and configuration are administered by me (Jeff Rivett, aka Boot13), administration of actual gameplay is ably provided by several other people as well. These people are volunteers, but they are also TPU's biggest fans and contributors (both financially and in terms of modding work). So I thought it was about time to give credit where it's due. (From the home page, click 'read more' for all the details.)

The TPU admins help out in a variety of ways, the most important of which is monitoring and administering the game while playing, as well as while logged in remotely. In-game admins look just like regular players but they can kick players and do a few other things. Remote admins do the same things but they don't appear as a player in the game. When you see chat messages that appear to come from nowhere, it's either one of the admins connected remotely or it's me, sitting at the server console.

Other ways the TPU admins help include map modding, map testing, financial contributions for hosting, coming up with great new ideas, and helping (a lot) to attract players to TPU.

Current TPU Administrators

    • Tracy Swisher, aka SixthSense: Tracy was added as an admin in March 2024. Tracy is a U.S. Navy retiree and the son of another TPU regular, Dragonfly, who is also retired from serving his country. Tracy has been playing BF1942 since the early days and taught Dragonfly everything he knows about destroying bots 🙂
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    • Sasha Martin, aka [TPU]Meepyon: Sasha was added to the roster on 2023Dec31.
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    • Adam Welton, aka RobertLocksley: Adam was added to the roster on 2023Mar25. Adam says: "I have been online gaming for over twenty-five years, manage my own (rented) server and have acted as admin for a game clan playing Unreal99 and Battlefield1942 on a domestic server for many years."
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    • James Shenton, aka SharpShooter, aka =Pk=SharpShooter: James was added to the roster on 2022Jul09.
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    • Cedric Drouin, aka ced, aka vivaelpot: Cedric was added to the roster in 2021.
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    • Jeff Rivett, aka Boot13 ([TPU]Boot13): that's me. I don't spend anywhere near as much time on TPU as I would like to, so I'm very lucky to have the help of other admins. I set up the original server and did all the original TPU-style mods, adding extra spawns for all tanks and planes. The TPU server is in my office and I monitor it intermittently whenever I'm awake and at my desk.
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    • David Johnson, aka Sisko: David owned TPU's top score for several years after the stats were reset at the start of 2011. These days he is sometimes seen playing on TPU and acting as the in-game admin, or monitoring TPU remotely. David has produced several entertaining videos of TPU gameplay that you can find in the 'Files and links' section of this web site.
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    Previous TPU Administrators

    • Jesse Lee Barker, aka DarkRyda: Jesse does in-game and remote administration, but he's also TPU's main modding contributor. If you've played on TPU, you've enjoyed his handiwork.
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    • Michael Osborne, aka TenaciousMojo: Mike spends a lot of time doing in-game and remote administration, and he has worked with Jesse on many of the TPU map mods, as well as providing his own mods.
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    • *GP*not-a-bot: the latest addition to the ranks of TPU admins, not-a-bot is one of those players who's fun to be around. We liked him so much we made him an admin.
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    Contacting the TPU Administrators

    If you're having problems with TPU, your best bet is to contact me (Jeff). If you have ideas or suggestions for TPU, there's a forum for that, but you can contact me as well. If you want to talk about TPU rules or gameplay, you can try any of us. If you want to talk to someone about the TPU maps or modding, one of TPU's modders should be able to help (Jesse, Michael or Jeff). Use the contact links above. Those links go to a form that sends email indirectly via this web site.

    A few words from the TPU admins

    From Mike: I want to to encourage feedback from the server aficionados, in particular. I have noted a lot of non-talkers in-game of late, which is fine, but I would like to tell everyone: How's about when we come in-game, we try to remember to greet each other with a hi, hello, sup, what have you, like the old days. We are all guilty of it, it's easy to forget. But it encourages awareness of each other, it affirms that we are here to have fun, and above all, it's polite! I would also like to add that I am probably the only admin occasionally willing to play against humans on the big team, but if you want to play on the big team, please don't assume everyone's ok with it. Please ask for the in-game players' permission to do so. That's it! Now, lets kill some bot dooshies!

    From David: I am so glad that we have such a great site where people can focus on play and not worry about all the distractions of inappropriate play behavior. I'd like players to know I appreciate it that they trust me or come to me to report problems with other players.

    From Jesse: For the record, even though I get most credit for maps modded, Mojo had a large part in all of these maps: Midway (1942), Husky (Road To Rome), Tobruk (1942), Wake (1942), Mimoyeques (Secret Weapons), Midway (BG42), Iwo Jima (1942), Battle of the Bulge (1942), Berlin (1942). He also helped with setting up the maps in the Darkryda map pack: we tested those maps for months. He also did most of the changes to the new Eagle's Nest setup, he put in Natters and jet packs, I followed up by laying out a few more locations for tanks, a plane, the Natters, and jet packs inside all open buildings.

    TPU stats -- Darkryda
    how long been playing on server -------  4 years
    how long been admin -------------------  1 year
    how long been modding for the server --  3 years
    how much money donated  ---------------  $100
    how many 1942 maps modded -------------  13
    how many rome maps modded -------------  4
    how many SW maps modded ---------------  2
    how many BG42 maps modded -------------  4
    total maps modded for TPU -------------  23
    longest running top score holder ------  2 years in a row (2008, 2009)
    how many maps made by darkryda  -------  2
    how many new maps available  ----------  6
    Special notes, things Darkryda has done or does:
    1.  he is the creator of the race track map
    2.  longest running fan of the TPU server
    3.  he came up with the "TPU" tag that is well known by TPU fans
    4.  he will always risk his life to repair YOUR tank during a battle
    5.  he will protect you and/or pick u up if u are swimming
    6.  he is a tank driving machine
    7.  he has modded more maps than Jeff himself, lol
    8.  he was the first one to suggest adding more variety to each map
    9.  he is also the one responsible for adding most units to a lot of maps at TPU
    10.  has been in lots of fights with his ol lady over the time it takes to mod maps
    11.  he has only banned 1 person
    12.  he will never kick u out of the server simply cause he don't like u (like some servers)
    13.  he helped make TPU fun so everyone can enjoy,  and has never asked for anything back
    14.  sometimes he can be a real prick,  lol
    15.  darkryda, tenaciousmojo, and boot13 are what has made TPU what it is now, boot13 or jeff 
    gave his own resources and started the TPU server with its famous multiple spawning vehicles 
    style.  darkryda and tenaciousmojo learned how to mod maps and started adding new units to 
    selected maps.  DR and Mojo are the 2 main spokesman for promoting the TPU server. all 3 
    together,  they have brought in many new people from other servers, and helped put TPU on the