Welcome to jdrgaming.com Tuesday, June 25 2024 @ 01:56 PM PDT

BF2 server now running Forgotten Hope 2 version 2.61

I finally decided to upgrade the FH2 server. Before August 8, it was still running FH2 2.57.

I held off upgrading because there wasn't a lot of useful information about how to upgrade, or how the upgrades would affect co-operative play. That, and the server files were not available on the FH2 web site for a while.

FH2 2.61 has a ton of changes, many of which are immediately visible in the client. The in-game user interface has had an overhaul: various elements have been moved and/or changed in their appearance. For example, instead of Axis/Allies ticket numbers, there's a graph with a blue line for Allies and a red line for Axis.

Despite some initial problems making everything work (and lots of CTDs), the server seems to be working fine now. In case such things are of interest, we're now running the 64-bit version of the Linux FH2 server; previously we were running the 32-bit version.

However: as is usual with FH2 updates, some maps that previously worked fine in coop mode may now crash when loading, or if bots do certain things in-game. I will gradually test all the available maps, removing any that are not stable, or crash the server, or crash the client when attempting to play on them in coop mode. I will add any maps not currently in the server's map list, and will test those as well.

If you play on the JDRGaming FH2 server, and you notice the server or your client crashing when you try to join, please do let me know which map it was on, and when it happened. Click 'About/contact' at the top of this page for details on how to reach me.