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Status of JDRGaming servers

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There are numerous ways to check the status of JDRGaming servers. Originally, the only way to know what was going on with TPU was to check this web site (jdrgaming.com). Now there are several more options.

JDRGaming web site

On this site, there's a special TPU Status display at the top of the left sidebar, or the right sidebar, depending on your display width. This provides up to date information about the TPU Battlefield 1942 server, including the current map, the current team ratio, the team humans should be playing on (the smaller team), the time of the next team switch, and the number of human and bot players.

You can link to the status display directly, or even embed it on your own web pages. The URL is http://tpumonitor.jrc-core.com/.


Each of the JDRGaming game servers has a corresponding entry on the GameTracker site. Even when the JDRGaming site is down, GameTracker will let you know whether the game servers are up or down. GameTracker also keeps its own stats and graphs for each server.

There are also a few GameTracker widgets for TPU in various places around this site. There are three small widgets at the top of the center column, one partway down in the left column, and another way down the page in the right column. That's a lot of widgets for TPU, right?

Changes and outages

The JDRGaming web site now runs on the same physical server (Foghorn) as all the JDRGaming game servers. That creates a bit of a problem: when there's a problem with Foghorn, all of the game servers will be down, and so will this site, which means that you won't be able to access the site to find out what's going on.

To get around this limitation, when the JDRGaming site is inaccessible, I will post status updates on the TPU Facebook page, the JDRGamingStatus Twitter feed, and on all affected channels on the JDRGaming Discord server.

Previously, when I posted a status update to the JDRGaming site, I would also post links to that update on the TPU Facebook page, and the JDRGamingStatus Twitter feed. So it's not a very big change, but it does mean that you'll have to remember to check one of those other sources for information when the JDRGaming site is down.

Direct contact

Sometimes you have to go straight to the horse, as it were.

JDRGaming Discord server

Discord is an excellent, free, gaming-centric chat client that you can use on the web or run as a client on your computer. There's now a JDRGaming Discord server, with channels for each of the JDRGaming game servers. You can use Discord or install the Discord client at the Discord web site.

Social media

You can try reaching me by posting, commenting or mentioning me on the TPU Facebook page, or the JDRGamingStatus Twitter feed, but I don't usually monitor them, so I might not respond for a few days. I mostly use Facebook, and Twitter to send communications, not so much to receive them.


You can reach me via the contact link on this site, which sends email to me at jrivett@jdrgaming.com. I can also be reached at jr0002@shaw.ca .


If email is too slow for you, there's a good chance I'll respond immediately to a chat request on Skype, as long as I'm awake, and either at my computer or near my phone. On Skype I'm jeff.rivett.


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