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New master server for BF1942 is up and running

Thanks to a group of dedicated fans on various sites and Discord channels, there's a new master server for Battlefield 1942: master.bf1942.org.

If you don't use the in-game server browser, you don't need to make any changes, and you can still connect directly to your favourite servers directly via IP address, or indirectly from web-based server lists.

However, if you depend on the in-game server list, you'll need to replace your Battlefield 1942 client binary with a new one that looks at the new master browser instead of the old, defunct one.

Here's a link to the new BF1942 client files: https://www.moddb.com/games/battlefield-1942/downloads/bf1942-masterbf1942org-patch. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into your Battlefield 1942 folder. You might want to consider making a backup first.

I've tested the new server and the new client, joining and playing on TPU successfully.

The new client binary provides the master server fix, but also includes some other useful fixes:

Battlefield 1942 v1.612 Retail patched by henk on 23-2-2022
version 2.1

* No CD
* Portable
* Widescreen support - In game
* Widescreen support - In menu
* master.gamespy.com replaced with master.bf1942.org
* Increased accessible ram from 2gb to 4gb
* Removed this message from console:
	 Error: failed  to add player  to buddylist. Couldn't locate player.

The Tanks 'n Planes Unlimited server is now running a new version of the BF1942 server binary, which allows the server to report its status to the new master server. The new server binary includes several other useful fixes. Here's the full list:

Linux Binary version 23-2-2022 by henk

Modified to include:
- master.bf1942.org replacement for gamespy master
- Ignore client version and checksum (allow 1.61b and 1.612)
- Ignore CD key checks
- No longer sends player keyhashes to public queries
- Allows all console commands on remote and local console
- Fix assaultTeam typo. Defending team now wins if timer expires
- Allow 128 players
- Fix armor zombies generated by death bubble
- Fixes IP bans not taking effect

- Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdate
- Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::ObjectManager::checkMessages
- Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::FireArms::Fire
- Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdateDelta
- Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::BFSoldier::handleUpdate

Addresses the following vulnerabilities:
- BFE-200806.01
- BFE-201107.01
- BFE-201111.01
- BFE-201211.01
- BFE-201611.01
- BFE-201611.02
- BFE-201710.01
- BFE-201804.01