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 Rules for Tanks 'n Planes Unlimited
Jeff Rivett (site admin)
 Saturday, May 07 2011 @ 08:02 AM PDT (Read 29726 times)  Locked Topic


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While playing on our servers we ask that you follow the rules below. Failure to do so could result in your removal from the server. Repeated failures could result in a permanent ban.

01 - Do not disrupt chat or radio messages.
Sending repeated, taunting, meaningless or otherwise unhelpful messages, making other people's messages unreadable, is unacceptable. Also, please use English if possible since most of our users speak only English.

02 - Do not use abusive, racist, or foul words in player names.
Using a player name that insults other players based on their ethnicity, culture, gender, or religion, is unacceptable. Do not use foul words in your player name.

03 - Do not abuse or verbally attack anyone.
Directing insults, threats, or any other language meant to intimidate, towards another player on the server, is unacceptable.

04 - Do not camp within an uncappable (uncapturable) enemy base.
Hiding at, sniping from, or taking a vehicle into an enemy base that can't be captured, is generally frowned upon. Well, it's okay if there's not much else you can do. This rule really applies more to PvP (human vs. human) servers. Killing hordes of bots as they spawn just doesn't sound all that bad, except in the sense of padding stats. So basically, try not to do it, but whatever. If TPU is hosting a PvP game (by consent of all players), then this rule definitely applies.

05 - Do not purposely team kill or team wound.
Shooting at teammates with the intent to wound or kill them is unacceptable. Friendly fire is enabled at about 50%. Team killers will be auto-kicked after a set number of kills. Obviously there are exceptions, such as teammates experimenting with weapons or stunts. But only if all parties involved are in agreement. Also, we all kill other human players by accident; when that happens, it's considered polite to apologize immediately if you know what you did. If you're unaware of what you did, the killed player is within their rights to point it out.

06 - Do not cheat or use game specific exploits.
Using settings or programs that are not available in the game options to increase performance or improve stats, or entering areas of the map that are not intended to be entered. Punkbuster is not enabled, but cheating will be detected, and cheaters will be permanently banned. If we decide to start using Punkbuster, screenshots may be taken at any time. Any player found to be blocking screenshots will be removed from the server after three attempts.

07 - Do not use excessive bad language.
We understand that in online gaming, strong language is often used. You won't be kicked from TPU for swearing occasionally, but extreme or persistent swearing are not permitted. Remember that TPU is open to players of all ages.

08 - Do not impersonate a TPU server administrator.
Using admin tags or announcing that you are an admin on the server is unacceptable unless you are an official TPU admin (see http://jdrgaming.com/geeklog/article.php?story=tpuadmins).

09 - Don't be a smacktard.
Griefers, human hunters (see below) and other smacktards will be perma-banned. What's a smacktard? See most of the definitions at The Urban Dictionary.

10 - Do not fight against humans.
This is a co-op vs. bots server. The idea is for a small team made up mostly of humans (with a few bots) to play against a large team composed entirely of skilled bots. The server ratio is adjusted to give more players to the bot side. The ratio alternates between Allied and Axis every six hours. Play on the small team or risk being kicked. At any time, you can press Tab to see how many players there are on each team. You can also determine which team to join by reading the comments on the map description page that displays at the start of each map. If all human players agree, you can play either side, but you must be prepared to return to the small team if any human player objects. You should also be aware that playing on the large team is considered to be an extremely easy way to play, and therefore suited to small girls in pink, frilly dresses.

11 - Don't be a human hunter.
A human hunter is someone who targets human players consistently and repeatedly. Again, if TPU is in PvP mode (which is rare), or if all human players agree to play in PvP mode, then human hunting is acceptable, because killing the best soldier on the other team is going to help you win. But don't get carried away: spawning only to be killed by the same person over and over is not fun, and it makes the killer look childish.

12 - Do not ignore admin requests.
Pay attention to in-game chat. Admin messages appear as yellow text. If an admin asks you to do something, do it or risk being kicked. If you don't understand (perhaps because English isn't your first language), please say so. Server admins have pre-defined translations of common requests at their disposal.

13 - Don't use stupid player names.
Do not use the default player name (Player), because using it makes it difficult for other players to communicate with you (what if everyone used it?) Also, if you use 'Player', your stats will NOT be tracked. Try to avoid using weird characters or backspaces in your player name; again, doing so makes it more difficult to communicate with you and might cause problems in the stats system. For the same reason, you should not use a player name that is invisible or blank in the game; while this may be useful in PvP games, TPU is a co-op server.

14 - Be aware of the limitations of in-game chat.
This is more of a guideline than a rule, but it's extremely important. Communication failures are the most common cause of bad feelings between players in the game.
It's very easy to miss in-game chat messages. Only four are shown at any given time, and messages compete for screen space with server-generated messages. Chat messages are truncated at 63 characters, so keep in mind that long messages are going to get cut off. While entering a chat message, you cannot control your soldier or vehicle, which is particularly deadly in planes. The chat text is almost unreadable at some game resolutions. Here are some tricks that may help:

a) Try to listen for the radio noise that accompanies all chat transmissions. Get in the habit of glancing at the chat messages when you hear this sound.

b) You can see messages that have scrolled off the screen by pressing the tilde (~) key on your keyboard (usually to the left of the '1' key), and pressing the PageUp key repeatedly. Press PageDown to move forward in the chat log. Press tilde again to go back to the game.

15 - Remember that joining a game in progress may reset the game.
Battlefield has a weird feature that causes the current map to restart when the second player joins a game already in progress. This can be annoying for the first player, because their score is reset and they lose credit for any stats they may have accumulated. At this time, there is no way around this problem. So, if you want to join a game in progress and you see that there is only one player on the server, it's polite to apologize for the reset once you're in game. Saying "sorry for the reset" goes a long way toward quelling any potential bad feelings in these cases. Better still, use a program like HLSW to check the lone player's score before joining: if their score is over 100, you might want to wait for the round to end.

16 - Install and use XFire.
Okay, this isn't a rule, but it is important. XFire is a game utility for finding game servers. But it has other useful features, including chat. XFire's real strength is that it can pop up over top of a game screen without disrupting the game. That means you can chat with other players while a game is going on, and since XFire's chat has none of the limitations of the in-game chat, it's a much better way to communicate. TPU has an XFire chat room that is always open; there's a link to it in the left sidebar of this web site. When there are disagreements within the game, you may be asked by an admin to go to the chat room to sort it out. If no admin is present, consider inviting disagreeing players to the chat room to make conversation easier.


-- Jeff (boot13)
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