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New Tobruk

There's a new version of Tobruk on TPU. This one is also the work of DarkRyda and TenaciousMojo. It includes the following:
- added planes to Axis side (BF109/Stuka)
- added planes to Allied side (Mustang/B17)
- (note: bots do not fly the planes)
- added AA guns to all sand bag rings and some on top of buildings
- added machineguns in key locations all over the map
- added heavy tank and car to center flag
- added artillery to small abandoned bunker at south of map
- added artillery and a car at the abandoned outpost on the north side of map
- added 3 cars to both main bases

New Market Garden and Battle of Britain

Again thanks to the creative efforts of DarkRyda and TenaciousMojo, new versions of Battle of Britain and Market Garden are now running on TPU.

The new Market Garden includes planes for the Axis, a bomber for the Allies, more AA emplacements, more variety in tanks and planes and a few cars.

The new Battle of Britain has some major tweaks to the ticket countdown for the Allies: destroying the factory doesn't count down as fast and the radar stations respawn (at different rates). Also there's more variety in planes and a few tanks.

New Husky, more tweaks for Wake

Thanks to DarkRyda and TenaciousMojo, TPU has a new version of Husky. It has some new tank spawns and other tank-related changes, an Allied aircraft carrier, and a few more surprises.

Wake has a few more machine gun emplacements, and if the Allies lose all the island spawnpoints, they can still attack from their ships.


New polls

Don't forget to check the polls (right side of the site, scroll down a bit).
Your feedback helps!

Ticket ratio

By popular demand, the ticket ratio has been bumped up from 225 to 300. As always, feedback welcome. If there are particular maps where this new ratio is just too high, we may consider tweaking those maps rather than going back to a smaller overall ticket ratio.

Changes to Midway, Wake and Berlin now live on TPU

Thanks to DarkRyda and TenaciousMojo, TPU has new versions of Midway, Wake and Berlin. More MGs, AA batteries, a few new planes, some flag adjustments, PT boats and many more fun changes await. (Warning: "thanks, but no tanks" for Berlin!) As always with TPU, no map downloads required.

Try the new maps and let us know what you think in comments or the related poll.

Next up: a new version of Husky from DarkRyda and TenaciousMojo.

TPU server outage

The TPU server will be down for a few minutes while I make a few more changes to the network hardware. It should be back up by 10:30am today.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: TPU is back on-line. Let me know if you notice anything different (ie worse).

STALKER: Clear Sky - buggy as hell but still fun

My problems with S:CS start on its main menu. No, that's not a joke. The currently selected menu item lags behind mouse movement so badly that unless you wait for it to catch up before clicking, nothing happens; or - worse still - the wrong menu item is activated.

This kind of sloppy and unrefined programming permeates S:CS. Of course, being essentially an RPG, this is hardly unexpected. Aside: why is it that RPGs as a class of game seem to be the buggiest? Many of S:CS's bugs have been squashed or ameliorated by way of patches, but many remain.

TPU server outage

The TPU server will be unavailable from 12:30pm for up to two hours while new network hardware is installed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: All done. It went faster than I thought.

Please let me know if you notice any new problems or unusual changes.

Giving credit where it's due

I'd like to point out that the modded Midway and Gazala maps currently in the rotation on TPU were the work of DarkRyda. He and TenaciousMojo have been working on a new set of changes to some of the core BF42 maps, which I will most likely add to the rotation once I've checked them out. Stay tuned.

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