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Thursday, April 18 2019 @ 08:34 AM -08

New versions of Stalingrad and Salerno

Once again thanks to Ryda and Mojo, we have new versions of these two maps.

Stalingrad is now tankless, like Berlin, so it's an infantry battle.

Here's the complete rundown:


  • added more MGs some in 2nd and 3rd levels of buildings
  • added a few AA guns
  • removed all tanks
  • added cars and APCs
  • added artillery to both sides
  • artillery = katyusha/wespe
  • all 5 cars/jeeps are in this map
  • all 3 APCs are in this map


  • replaced one fighter plane on both sides with a medium bomber
  • added katyushas
  • added kettenkrads
  • replaced cars/jeeps with sherman/panzeriv