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Map list updated

Aside from the addition of the BG42 rotation on Sundays, the TPU maplist hasn't changed for over a year. By popular demand, I've now shuffled the maplist so that some of the more popular maps appear first, and the Secret Weapons and Road To Rome maps are at the bottom, grouped together. We'll see if that draws in more players.

Lag issues

There have been a few more reports of lag with the TPU server.

I've performed some diagnostics and haven't found anything conclusive, except that the uplink buffer size for my ISP is excessively large. I don't think that's the problem, though.

I did end up making some changes:

[1] Updated the TPU server's NIC drivers.

[2] Disabled the Windows XP firewall on the TPU server.

[3] Ran the Speedguide.net TCP Optimizer on the TPU server, which made a lot of changes.

Let me know if this makes any difference.

High winds affecting internet speeds

It was very windy yesterday and according to Shaw, TPU's internet service provider, this has affected network and cable hardware. They hope things will get back to normal soon, but in the meantime, TPU lag may be much worse than usual.

A few minor changes

Over the weekend I tweaked the server settings a bit. It seemed to me that during January, when the server scheduler was failing and only the Axis server was running, more players showed up. My theory is that since the server NAME was changing when it changed from Allies to Axis and back again, this made the server less likely to appear on server browsers. Based on what I can see from server traffic stats, traffic went up starting early in January and dropped again to pre-January levels after I fixed the scheduler.

To test this, I changed the server settings so that the server name no longer changes. Now, it's always "Tanks'nPlanes Unlimited CO-OP". I also changed the intro messages and the timed announcements so that important information appears in capital letters. Apparently this attracts players' attention a bit better.

Anyway, I'll monitor things over the next few weeks and see what happens.

Next I plan to shuffle the maplist a bit to put the more popular maps at the top and group the Road To Rome and Secret Weapons maps.

New Gazala map

The TPU Gazala map has been changed. A few more machine guns and AA emplacements have been added, planes - including B-17s - have been added to the airfield in the northwest, and vehicles have been swapped around a bit. Also, maximum spawns have been decreased from six to four to reduce the vehicle crowding. Let me know what you think!

Midway changes

TPU now includes a new, experimental version of the Midway map. It replaces the previous version, at least for now. Whether it stays in the rotation depends on whether people prefer it. So please let me know, one way or another.

The new version includes PT boats, BF109s and B-17s, along with a few other changes. Should make for a crazy new kind of fight.


UPDATE 2010Feb21: there were a few problems with the new Midway map, which I hope have now been fixed. Feedback welcome as always.

Battlegroup 42 maps - Sundays on TPU server

Starting immediately, Sundays will be Battlegroup 1942 days on the TPU server. Instead of the regular BF1942/RtR/SW maps, Sundays will run only BG42 maps. As usual, the Axis/Allied ratio will alternate every six hours.

I'm doing this on a trial basis.

Please let me know what you think about this new setup.

Battlegroup 42

By popular demand, I'm looking into options for running Battlegroup 42 maps on the TPU server. I may just pick a day or two per week to run them, or I may mix them in with the other maps. Anyone out there who plays on TPU and hasn't installed BG42, I suggest you do so, because a) it totally rocks, and b) TPU may start kicking you off the server because you don't have the next map. Part of this depends on whether the stats system will handle the BG42 maps, which I have yet to determine. Obviously we want the stats if possible. Stay tuned.

TPU scheduler problems resolved

I finally noticed that the server wasn't running the Axis version every six hours the way it used to. Apparently the BFSM scheduler has a problem when the year rolls over. The result was that the most recently started version of the server just kept running all the time, never switching between Axis and Allied as intended.

I made the necessary adjustments and now the server should switch between Axis and Allies every six hours like it did before January.

Sorry about that.

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