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Sunday, January 20 2019 @ 05:26 AM -08

Minecraft 1.7.9 released

Yet another new version of Minecraft was released yesterday. As with the previous two versions, there was no proper announcement. Mojang staff instead chose to update existing posts for previous updates on the Minecraft Tumblr and the Mojang blog.

Minecraft 1.7.9 fixes issues with skins and the new player name changing process (which has yet to be actually enabled).

The JDRGaming Minecraft server will be upgraded to version 1.7.9 shortly.

Forgotten Hope 2.46 released

A new version of the Forgotten Hope 2 Battlefield 2 mod was just released.

The JDRGaming BF2 server is now running FH2 2.46. To join, you need to download and install the client files, which will be available on this site in the Files and Links section shortly.

All the fixes from the Coop patches (A through C) are included in version 2.46, so there are no special requirements for joining a coop server other than the 2.46 client. Because of that, I have removed the server password.

Other changes of note in FH2 2.46:

  • newly rebuilt maps
  • bots now understand more commands, including get in and get out
  • kit limiting
  • bots die immediately on entering guns deployed by humans to avoid CTDs
  • lots of other tweaks
  • improved AI bot names
  • bots use secondary weapons in vehicles better
  • bots use unarmed vehicles less

Minecraft 1.7.8 released

Today there's another Minecraft update, 1.7.8. As with version 1.7.7, this update was released in a big hurry with little to no fanfare. Details on the new version are sketchy, but apparently it fixes more server stability issues.

Unfortunately, instead of creating new posts on the Mojang blog and the Minecraft announcement Tumblr, Mojang staff chose to edit the titles and content of previous announcements, which is just confusing.

The JDRGaming Minecraft server will be updated to 1.7.8 later today.

Minecraft 1.7.7 released

And just like that, we've got another Minecraft update. version 1.7.7 was released in a big hurry yesterday, apparently to fix some server crashing problems. This time there is a post on the Minecraft Tumblr page, but it doesn't say much of anything. The Mojang blog post about version 1.7.6 was updated to include this: "We have released version 1.7.7 with an important bugfix to fix some server crashes."

The JDRGaming Minecraft server will be updated to version 1.7.7 later today.

Minecraft 1.7.6 released

Version 1.7.6 of Minecraft was announced yesterday. The new version fixes some bugs, and makes some changes that will eventually allow players to change their player name.

The version 1.7.6 client is not compatible with earlier versions of the server. This is mostly due to changes in the player profile format. Player profiles should be updated to the new format automatically by version 1.7.6 servers.

The JDRGaming Minecraft server will be updated to the new version later today.

See the Minecraft page on this web site for more details.

Mysterious tank rain in Tobruk

No, it's not your imagination. Last night I finally witnessed a bizarre phenomenon previously reported by a couple of players: tanks falling from the sky on the bf1942/Tobruk map.

Next time you're playing bf1942/Tobruk on TPU, watch the skies. Eventually, you may see one or more tanks appear way up in the sky and fall to the ground. The falling tanks often contain bots. Usually these tanks are destroyed when they hit the ground, but sometimes they survive, and rejoin the fight.

So far I've been unable to determine a specific set of circumstances in which this occurs.

My assumption at this point is that there's a bug in the map source for Tobruk, possibly introduced along with the vehicle spawning changes made for TPU. Either that, or there are simply too many units on the map now.

Minecraft April Fools joke

The people at Curse like a good joke, and a post on the Minecraft forum earlier today definitely qualifies. The headline (Minecraft Gets New Developer, Sells to EA) is calculated to shock and terrify Minecraft enthusiasts, but anyone who actually reads the post will recognize it as a joke.

Note that the joke only works because everyone hates EA, and the idea of having their favourite game purchased by EA is viewed as a worst case scenario by most gamers.

Minecraft 1.7.5 released

Version 1.7.5 of Minecraft was released on February 26. The JDRGaming Minecraft page will be updated later today, and the JDRGaming Minecraft server soon after that.

The new version was announced on the main Mojang blog (https://mojang.com/). Unfortunately, the Mojang blog is also used for updates to other games, so there's a lot of noise there. It remains to be seen whether the Minecraft developers will be diligent in posting update information to the Mojang blog.

Intermittent Internet connection

The Internet connection used by TPU is having some problems. We're experiencing cold weather, and the same thing happened last time temperatures got this low. The problem fixed itself when the temperature rose, but I want a permanent fix, so I called Shaw and they will send someone out next week. Hopefully the connection will be mostly up in the meantime - at least during the day. I know that doesn't help for you nighthawks, but there's not much I can do. If the connection goes down and stays down I'll call Shaw again and see if they can expedite a fix. The connection is up right now. Temperature is -8 Celsius.

EA adds useless modability and 'impossible' Offline mode to SimCity 5

Remember when SimCity 5 came out, and the gaming community uniformly rejected it? The game's problems included the lack of legitimate modding, and no way to play the game offline.

Well, EA has now fixed all those problems. EA has made some changes to SimCity 5 that they hope will boost its sales, but are in fact generating even more scorn. First, they've made modding possible. With caveats. Lots and lots of them. So many, in fact, that the only legitimate mods are changing the surface appearance of buildings. In other words, you can do all the modding you want, as long as it's boring and worthless. Second, despite earlier saying that offline mode is 'impossible', EA is enabling - guess what? - an offline mode for SimCity 5. Amazing that it took them so long, when it took only a week for someone else to do it after the game was released.

Here's a piece of advice, EA: fire all the lawyers and business school grads who run your business, and hire people who understand the software business, and gaming in particular. You are, after all a GAMING company.