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Tuesday, October 16 2018 @ 01:24 PM -08

TPU (Tanks n Planes Unlimited)

TPU is back up

After careful consideration, I have decided to bring TPU back online, with some changes. No punitive actions will be taken at this time, although that is still a possibility if things don't calm down.

The team ratio on all TPU maps is now 3:1 instead of 2:1. Since I cannot force players to play co-operatively or to avoid disrupting each other, I have decided to adjust the server parameters, with the hope that this will make co-operative play necessary in order to win. At the very least, I hope that this change will force players to break out of their habits and find new ways to play, win, and have fun on TPU.

I will continue to monitor the situation on TPU and will make additional changes if necessary.

Meanwhile, I'd like to encourage all players, especially the admins, to be more respectful of each other. Don't assume another player is trying to disrupt your gameplay. Instead, try asking them politely to play in a way that allows everyone to enjoy themselves. They may not even realize what they are doing is disruptive. If another player asks you to adjust your gameplay, respect their wishes, get creative, and find a way to win the battle while allowing everyone to have fun.

Finally, take a moment to think about the soldiers in WWII who never saw combat. Some soldiers in the 101st airborne in Europe never saw any action, despite being dropped into Normandy and Holland, and being in Bastogne. I'm sure some of these guys felt cheated. I'm sure some of them wanted desperately to see action, and I'm sure they talked about it. But did they accuse the guys who saw action of stealing their fun? I doubt it. Some jobs in war are less heroic than others. Someone has to man the artillery. Someone has to transport vehicles. Someone has to guard lonely outposts. If your team wins, you win, regardless of the way it happened and how many kills you got.

TPU is down for administrative review

TPU is down while I investigate a series of disruptions and possible admin abuse. If these issues can be resolved, TPU will be back up in a few days. Otherwise, it's down for good. Sorry about this.

Back to DCFinal

By popular demand, TPU is switching from DCX back to DCFinal on Tuesdays, until further notice.

Another mod possibility for TPU: Silent Heroes

Sisko recently pointed me to a BF42 mod I hadn't previously heard of: Silent Heroes. It's modern combat, with choppers and other modern weapons, between Sweden and Norway. It includes several new maps (all based in the warring countries) as well as modified versions of many of the classic BF42 maps.

Most of the maps have co-op support (bots), so this mod would be a good fit for TPU.

So, let's hear it. What do you think about the idea of trying this mod on a future Wildcard Wednesday on TPU?

Baytown map fixed

The Road To Rome map Baytown was causing client crashes, so I reverted the server map back to the original, basic TPU mods, bumping up tank and plane spawns, and it seems to be okay now. If anyone is still having problems with it, please let me know.

Points formula changed in stats

There was some discussion in the forums recently about how the TPU admins always top the stats, and how that may be discouraging to other players. As an experiment, I've adjusted the formula used to calculate the 'Points' column, which is normally how the list is sorted.

The old formula was:

The new formula, which gives more weight to team activities, removes double-counting of certain stats, and averages all numbers over the number of rounds played, is:

To make this work, I had to increase the minimum number of rounds played for a player to appear in the stats from 1 to 10. Otherwise, the list was topped by people who only played a few rounds.

Take a look at the new points ranking and let me know what you think. I can make additional adjustments to the formula, and I can always bring the old formula back if that's what you all want. Don't forget that if you want to ignore the points sorting, you can click on any of the column headings to sort differently.

By the way, now Mojo is #1, Sisko is #2, Ryda is #8 and I (Boot13) am #35. But the margin is a lot smaller.

Map briefing images posted

Most of the original Battlefield 1942 maps - and some of the expansion pack maps - came with 'briefing' images. These images are normally only shown in single player mode.

The briefings are useful because they give specific names to map features, particularly spawn points.

I extracted all available briefing images from the map files and posted them in the 'Files and links' section of the site. Here's a direct link: http://jdrgaming.com/geeklog/staticpa...pbriefings

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that some of the briefings were actually for other maps. The duplicates have been removed. Thanks!

TPU invaded by CKUA players

There are sixteen players on TPU right now, which I believe is the most ever. Apparently the CKUA server is down and everyone has switched over to TPU for now. The team rules are apparently out the window as well, as they are playing on both teams. I wonder if they realize that one team is bigger? Anyway, it's interesting. I just wish BF42 had a spectator mode.

Internet connection problems

We are experiencing intermittently slow Internet connectivity. This has been going on since late yesterday. I worked with Shaw technical support this morning but they were unable to resolve the problem. I will take the cable modem to Shaw this morning and get a new one. Hopefully that will resolve the problem. TPU will be down for about an hour while this is happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 2012Jun21 9:26am PST: Everything should be back to normal now.