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How to get a bot to leave a vehicle

One of the more annoying things about playing with bots in Battlefield 1942 is that they tend to hog vehicles. Sometimes, if you get lucky, pressing 'E' to enter a bot-occupied vehicle is enough to get them to exit. But usually that doesn't work.

This problem was resolved in Battlefield 2: in that game, pressing 'E' to enter an occupied vehicle always forces the bot to exit. But back to Battlefield 1942: you can sometimes get a bot to leave a vehicle by pressing F6, F7 (ALARMS, BAIL OUT). But again, that usually doesn't work, especially if the bot is engaging the enemy.

Recently, I discovered (at long last) a combination of commands that actually works: press F6 (ALARMS), then F3 (HOLD YOUR FIRE), then F6 (ALARMS), then F7 (BAIL OUT). The first command pair tells the bot to stop engaging the enemy, and the second tells the bot to get out of the vehicle. This seems to work reliably for vehicles, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for emplacements (AA, artillery, defguns, MGs). Still, this makes playing alongside bots a lot less frustrating!