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XBox One

Assume the worst: new XBox will require always-on Internet, and used games will cost as much as new games

In the recent unveiling of its next-generation gaming console, the XBox One, Microsoft utterly failed to put an end to rumours of an always-on Internet requirement and used game fees. While it's still possible that Microsoft will see the light and avoid those 'features', it seems unlikely at this point. Given the overwhelmingly negative reaction to these possibilities by the gaming public, if Microsoft was in a position to deny the rumours, they would surely have done so at the product launch.

Regarding the always-on Internet requirement, it's likely to be more of a "console must phone home every day or it stops working" arrangement. Only slightly better than always-on, this will make a console with power and single player games a totally useless brick without an Internet connection. No more gaming at the cottage or during down time at overseas military bases.

As for used games, despite plenty of evidence that the used games market is a boon to game producers, Microsoft is apparently going to kill that market by introducing new transfer fees. I wonder if they'll drop those fees once the damage is felt in corporate pocketbooks.

Given the ongoing success of the XBox 360, the inability of XBox One to play XBox 360 games, and the likelihood of anti-consumer features in the new console, I expect discerning consumers to stay away in droves. I know I will.

The Verge has additional details.

Adam Orth is a moron

In case you missed it, Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth recently shoved his own head way up his ass, very publicly. Responding to negative comments on the possibility of the next XBox console having an always-connected-to-the-Internet requirement, he posted a series of Tweets that clearly showed his utter lack of comprehension and callousness toward gamers. Backlash ensued, on Twitter and elsewhere.

Orth's response? He made his Twitter feed private. Microsoft's response? A vague apology and a 'no further comment'. Long-term fallout? How about this huge catalog of Adam Orth 'always connected' meme images?

Update: Aaaaaaaaand, he's gone. Microsoft fired him, or he quit in advance of a possible firing.

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