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Sunday, February 18 2018 @ 03:55 PM -08

TPU server down for maintenance

I'm taking the TPU server (Hubie) offline to reinstall that heat sink. Hopefully it won't take more than about 30 minutes to complete. With warmer weather upon us, I just couldn't put it off any more.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: and we're back up. Went faster than I expected, given that I had to remove the motherboard and fire up the soldering iron.

Problem with recent stats

The TPU stats process has been failing recently. Thanks to Sisko for pointing it out. Some stats are getting through, but not all of it. I've located the problem (a corrupted DCFinal log) and dealt with it. I'll check what happens after the next stats update about an hour from now. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: the 3am stats run failed. I finally tracked the problem down to the fact that some of the BF42 event log files are getting really big, and the Java run-time was choking on them and crashing. I increased the amount of memory available for the stats parser and that seems to have solved it. All pending logs were processed. Some of the data is actually from a few months ago.

Extended TPU server outage in the near future

I recently took the TPU server offline briefly to blast out all the dust that had accumulated in its fans, heatsinks, vents and so on. While I was in there poking around, a heatsink fell off one of the motherboard's main chipset chips. It's a fairly large, metal heatsink that was held on by two springy metal clips. I was unable to reattach it, because one of the loops on the motherboard to which the clips are supposed to attach appeared to have fallen off.

At the time, it looked to me like the heatsink had never been attached properly and had simply been held in place by a large bundle of wires nearby. Some web research revealed that this particular motherboard has a design flaw whereby the loops on the motherboard are made from a material that doesn't hold solder very well. The result is that after a lot of heating/cooling cycles, the clips tend to pop out.

Meanwhile, I left the heatsink off and fired up the server again. It doesn't seem to be having any overheating problems, but I want to reinstall that heatsink as soon as possible. Although running the Battlefield 1942 server software doesn't really put much of a strain on the server, I just don't think it's a good idea to run it like this.

I have a solution to the heatsink attachment problem, but it will involve taking the server off-line for up to an hour. This has to be done while I'm awake (for obvious reasons) but I want to avoid interfering with TPU players as much as possible. So here's a question (answer in the comments): what do you think would be the best time to take the server off-line for an hour? Make sure you include time zone in your reply. My 'awake' hours are typically 5am to 9pm PST (yes, I know, I'm weird).

New mod based on Forgotten Hope 0.7

Sisko recently pointed out that a new mod called "Forgotten Hope Revisited" was released on March 30. The original FH developers stopped work on the BF1942 mod some time ago, in favour of the FH mod for BF2. Which was unfortunate, since FH on BF1942 had a lot of promise, but was just too buggy to run on TPU.

You can read about the new mod here:

The FHR modders are adding units, but they are also improving graphics and sound, and fixing bugs.

So, the question is: should we try it on TPU, or should we maybe wait until the bugs have been sorted out?

TPU outage last night

I apologize for the extended outage last night. The cable techs were here to make some changes to my TV service, but also changed my Internet modem for some reason, and caused all kinds of problems. Everything should be back to normal this morning.