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Monday, January 21 2019 @ 12:15 PM -08

TPU's IP address changed

The IP address for TPU's WAN connection changed some time in the last few hours. Automated systems updated DNS records automatically, but issues remain.

Anyone joining TPU game servers by their IP address will need to switch to the new address:

  • New:
  • Old:

The Gamespy servers should update gradually over the next few hours, so anyone looking for TPU on the Gamespy server lists might not see it there for a while.

Other methods for joining TPU that depend on its IP being fixed (e.g. XFire) will also need to change the IP.

This web site, jdrgaming.com, is not affected by the IP change since it is hosted elsewhere. However, the GameTracker widgets used on the site will not work until I'm able to update the TPU server data on the Gametracker site. This may take a few days. Meanwhile, the TPU status widget at the top right of this site is still working fine. You can access that status display directly: tpustatus.jrc-core.com.

UPDATE: IP updates completed. Let me know if you have any problems connecting.