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Monday, October 22 2018 @ 07:58 AM -08

DarkRyda's BF1942 Map Pack

DarkRyda's map pack is now available for download from this web site. Go to the Downloads section or click the link below to download it.


The map pack contains six maps in total: five for the original game and one for the Secret Weapons Expansion Pack. Four of the maps support co-op and single player modes.

Where you can play these maps

DarkRyda and TenaciousMojo occasionally run servers for these maps. We are considering setting aside time on the TPU server to play some or all of them. They are unlikely to be added to the regular rotation, since they must be downloaded to client machines before they can be played and that is not quite in keeping with the goals of the server (maps are modded but the changed maps don't require downloading to play). DarkRyda and TenciousMojo will offer to serve them occasionally from within a TPU session or in response to requests. We may also set up an announcement system on http://jdrgaming.com for upcoming server sessions hosted elsewhere by DarkRyda or others.

Keep reading for more info about the map pack and a message from DarkRyda.

User registration now uses CAPTCHA

Due to the overwhelming number of spam-related user registrations on jdrgaming.com, I have (reluctantly) added CAPTCHA to the process. When someone tries to register on the site, they will now be required to do the CAPTCHA dance. Sorry.

Rules and FAQ updated, Game-Monitor issues

I've updated the TPU server rules and FAQ as they were getting a bit stale. You can get to them from the TPU Stuff links at the top left of the site.

Game-Monitor.com has been having more problems with server rankings, but they seem to be okay again as of right now. I'm looking at alternatives, since the admins have stopped responding to support requests. If anyone out there knows of a good alternative, please let me know.

Fewer B17s at Wake

The Wake map seems to be crashing a lot lately. As a test, I have reduced the maximum number of B17s from four to two. Let me know whether that helps.

TPU stats reset

It's a new year, so I figured it was a good time to reset the stats. As of 8:30am PST, the stats have been reset. Any games played since the last stats update at 4am PST today will be applied to the new stats data.

Don't panic, all your old stats are still available: just click the [archive] link to the right of the main Statistics link at the top of the left sidebar.

Now let's see what all the newcomers can do to unseat DarkRyda and TenciousMojo as "kings of TPU!"

Fixed several BG42 maps

Due to unintended idiocy on my part, I failed to notice that the instructions for installing Battlegroup 42 say that any existing BG42 folder should be deleted before installing a new version. In my defense, the BG42 installer should check for existing folders and offer to remove them or at least warn the user. Anyway, the result of my error was that some BG42 maps on the server were using a mixture of new and old data and those maps were causing client and server crashes. The old files have been removed and the maps previously removed from the rotation have been reinstated. Please let me know if there are any more crashing problems with BG42 maps.

Kink flying challenge

There has been a lot of interest in the 'kink' flying challenge on TPU lately. Kink is a BF1942 clan with a focus on flying. You may see players on TPU with the kink tag. Anyway, kink has a test that involves flying under bridges in a certain order on the Battle of Britain map.

For those interested in running the course, I've uploaded an image of the Battle of Britain map with the course marked (courtesy of TenaciousMojo - thanks!)

You can find the map in the Downloads section, or by clicking this direct link to the map:

UPDATE: Mojo added details for two other challenges to the map already posted and made another version of the map for a fourth challenge. The second map is also in Downloads but you can also find it here:

TPU has a new IP address

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the IP address for TPU changed yesterday.

New address:
Old address:

Please update your game client software as necessary.

UPDATE: The Game-Monitor.com people are a bit behind on updating server info, so they haven't registered the new IP yet (as you can see to the right).

UPDATE: I finally gave up and resubmitted TPU to Game-Monitor.com so now it's working again.

B17 at Wake

An early Christmas present from DarkRyda, the Wake Island map on TPU now sports a B17 at the island airfield. Enjoy!

More problems with Gamespy traffic

Over the last few days, TPU has once again been affected by excessive GameSpy traffic coming from a few specific IP addresses on the internet. There are a few possibilities: a) a misconfigured or misbehaving server monitor or GameSpy client; b) a DDoS attack against TPU; or c) a DDoS attack against some other site that is attempting to use the TPU server as part of the attack (GameSpy-enabled servers like TPU can be used to propagate DDoS attacks). If anyone has more information on what might be going on, please let me know. For now, I'm blocking the offending addresses as soon as I detect them. The good news is that I found a way to block IP addresses that doesn't require rebooting the router, so TPU players won't be affected.

Here are the offending IP addresses (note that these may be spoofed): 66-96-240-87.hostnoc.net (Australia) - c-67-171-212-25.hsd1.or.comcast.net - sanjose.colocrossing.com - ks310582.kimsufi.com (France) - server.saxondata.co.uk (UK) - server.g4tc-us-razor.com (repeat offender) - ns2552.dizinc.com