Welcome to jdrgaming.com Wednesday, February 28 2024 @ 07:38 AM PST

BF2 - oh noes!

I just purchased Battlefield 2 and I'm still dumbfounded at the lack of a co-op mode. What were they thinking? None of the arguments against co-op make any sense. So what if only 4% of the BF42 servers were running co-op games? Why throw away those customers? As I've said elsewhere, adding co-op to a game that already has bots and multiplayer modes should involve very little work, particularly if it's built in from the beginning of development.

Co-op hacks for BF2 are already starting to appear, but so far they are quite limited. Rumours abound that EA will add a co-op patch and that someone else will create a mod for it. I sure hope so.

I'm starting to think that co-op gamers need to be much more vocal. There's more to multiplayer gaming than killing your friends over and over and over. Is it really possible that the proportion of co-op gamers to non co-op gamers reflects the proportion of gamers who have any friends at all?