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Web host (ASO) no longer allows donations

On March 5, 2013, I received email from the company that does the web hosting for this site, A Small Orange, announcing that they have discontinued support for the donation system that previously allowed some of you to make donations toward jdrgaming.com's hosting costs.

ASO suggested setting up a PayPal donation button instead, but I've heard some terrible nightmare stories about people using PayPal's donation system, so I doubt I'll be doing that any time soon.

Anyone wishing to donate money to help offset the costs associated with running TPU and this web site will now have to do so by cheque. Send email to me at jrivett@jdrgaming.com and I'll provide the details (mailing address, etc.)

New: link page

I've added a links page to the web site. You can access it from the top menu or the Site Features sidebar menu. The first link to be added is for a project Sisko is working on: "Because We Were There" which is an effort to document veterans' wartime experiences.

Any registered site user can submit links.

jdrgaming.com was down briefly

The server that hosts this web site was down this morning. I reported the problem to the provider (A Small Orange) and they fixed it.

New forums

As you can see, I'm in the process of switching to a different forum system. The old forum system was not being used much, probably because it wasn't integrated well with the rest of the site and because it required separate registration and login. Also, it used PHPBB, and as such it got a lot of attention from spambots, which was an ongoing headache.

The new forums work a lot better with the rest of the site and don't require separate registration or login. Anyone can read the forums, but you still need to be logged in to the site to post in the forums.

I've copied many of the posts from the old forum system to the new forums. I didn't bother copying topics that are no longer relevant. However, I will also leave a link to the old forums on the site for reference purposes. I will also lock down the old forum system.

One other reason I took this step was that we've been getting into some long conversations in the blog comments. While this is not exactly a problem, the discussion features of the blog comments leave a lot to be desired. So, when we want to have longer on-line conversations, I'm suggesting that we use the new forum system.

Go ahead and experiment: create new topics, post questions, etc.

Changed jdrgaming.com hosting

Thanks to generous donations by Sisko and DarkRyda, I've switched the hosting for the jdrgaming.com web site to A Small Orange's 'Small' plan, which is more in line with actual use. And with that, we're good for at least another year, assuming Shaw's Internet service billing doesn't change during that time.

Added TPU Player Name to forum profiles

I added a field to the forum's user profiles: TPU Player Names. Anyone registering for the forums will need to enter something in this field. This is mainly a spambot recognition measure, but it's also a handy way for players to identify each other. If you're already registered in the forums, you'll need to enter at least one player name in this field if you want to edit your profile. I encourage everyone to add all their TPU player names.

User registration now uses CAPTCHA

Due to the overwhelming number of spam-related user registrations on jdrgaming.com, I have (reluctantly) added CAPTCHA to the process. When someone tries to register on the site, they will now be required to do the CAPTCHA dance. Sorry.

New polls

Don't forget to check the polls (right side of the site, scroll down a bit).
Your feedback helps!

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