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New: Server Status page

I just posted a new link in the Site Features section of the left sidebar: Server Status. The linked page describes all the methods by which you can find out what's going on with all the JDRGaming game servers. Check it out!

Update: I accidentally left the new page flagged as a draft. The problem has been fixed. Sorry about that.

jdrgaming.com moved to JRC web server

The JDRGaming web site is now running on the JRC web server, Foghorn. As you may be aware, Foghorn also hosts the TPU Battlefield 1942 server, as well as the JDRGaming Battlefield 2 server and the JDRGaming Minecraft server.

This move solves several problems, including the recent flakiness of the shared hosting (provided by A Small Orange) where it previously resided. However, the move also has at least one negative consequence. Previously, if Foghorn was down for some reason, I would update the JDRGaming site with an explanation. Now, when Foghorn is down, the JDRGaming site will be inaccessible.

To get around this limitation, when the JDRGaming site is inaccessible, I will post status updates on the TPU Facebook page, the TPU Google+ page, the JDRGamingStatus Twitter feed, and the TPU IRC channel on GameSurge.

Previously, when I posted a status update to the JDRGaming site, I would also post links to that update on the TPU Facebook page, the TPU Google+ page, and the JDRGamingStatus Twitter feed. So it's not a very big change, but it does mean that you'll have to remember to check one of those other sources for information when the JDRGaming site is down.

Update 2015Aug29:

The TPU stats were down for a few hours while the move was taking effect, but they should be back up and running with the most recent information now.

The server monitor function has been taken offline for technical reasons. Hopefully that will be temporary.

A couple of months ago, XFire went offline. Because of this, all player widgets and other links to XFire resources have been removed from this site.

TPU stats outage

The TPU stats pages were out of action for a few days this week. First, the WAN IP change caused the update process to fail. I asked A Small Orange support to whitelist the new IP, which fixed that problem. Second, A Small Orange upgraded the shared host's version of PHP, and this messed up selectbf, the BF42 stats software. Fixing that problem involved upgrading a PHP library. The stats pages should now be working. Unfortunately, the admin functions are still not working, but that's not a problem for most users.

New: PayPal donation button

I know, I know. I said I wasn't going to do this any time soon. Well, I changed my mind. JDRGaming now accepts donations via PayPal. PayPal takes a percentage of any donation, but it's worth it for the convenience. You can donate using your credit card, your PayPal account, or (in many cases) your bank account. All donations are used to offset hosting, ISP, and hardware costs, and are tracked on the TPU costs page.


Web host (ASO) no longer allows donations

On March 5, 2013, I received email from the company that does the web hosting for this site, A Small Orange, announcing that they have discontinued support for the donation system that previously allowed some of you to make donations toward jdrgaming.com's hosting costs.

ASO suggested setting up a PayPal donation button instead, but I've heard some terrible nightmare stories about people using PayPal's donation system, so I doubt I'll be doing that any time soon.

Anyone wishing to donate money to help offset the costs associated with running TPU and this web site will now have to do so by cheque. Send email to me at jrivett@jdrgaming.com and I'll provide the details (mailing address, etc.)

New: link page

I've added a links page to the web site. You can access it from the top menu or the Site Features sidebar menu. The first link to be added is for a project Sisko is working on: "Because We Were There" which is an effort to document veterans' wartime experiences.

Any registered site user can submit links.

New forums

As you can see, I'm in the process of switching to a different forum system. The old forum system was not being used much, probably because it wasn't integrated well with the rest of the site and because it required separate registration and login. Also, it used PHPBB, and as such it got a lot of attention from spambots, which was an ongoing headache.

The new forums work a lot better with the rest of the site and don't require separate registration or login. Anyone can read the forums, but you still need to be logged in to the site to post in the forums.

I've copied many of the posts from the old forum system to the new forums. I didn't bother copying topics that are no longer relevant. However, I will also leave a link to the old forums on the site for reference purposes. I will also lock down the old forum system.

One other reason I took this step was that we've been getting into some long conversations in the blog comments. While this is not exactly a problem, the discussion features of the blog comments leave a lot to be desired. So, when we want to have longer on-line conversations, I'm suggesting that we use the new forum system.

Go ahead and experiment: create new topics, post questions, etc.