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 Wake Island 23 December 2011
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 Saturday, December 24 2011 @ 01:34 PM -08 (Read 1616 times)  


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this wasnt the longest map ever but it sure felt like it, it began at 20:22pm and ended at 23:18pm, almost 3 hours. had over 10 players for sure and half of them were highly skilled regulars of TPU. 4 in-game playing/on-duty admins and not once did any player get any kind of warnings for anything. all players played great. no rules was broken, nobody acting like a dick of any kind. started out with even teams so the choice was made to battle it out humans Vs humans.
this was an epic battle, constantly flags were being taking and retaking, tanks and cars were running from either sides of the island to the other. planes were flying like top ace pilots blowing anything that was a target up. ships suranded the island and the ocean was full of what seemed to be an endless rush of boats with soldiers coming ashore. there was no 1 hot spot, the battle kept changing, handfulls of small bitter hand to hand fights were taking place, tanks running into each other in desperate struggles to be the last man alive, if only for that moment. ships shooting at each other over the island itself, while other ships were targetting the island. the battle ranged from ship to ship, battling it out like old school pirates to epic dog fights and classic tank manuvers.
soldiers were sniffing out each other and doing some low down sneeky things to out smart thier enemies,
i cant just single out a single event cause like i said it went on forever, i cant actually start a particular story cause the begining of that story isnt even the end of another. im sure the rest of u guys can add some details, i figured i get the ball started.
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 Saturday, December 24 2011 @ 03:23 PM -08  

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Was a fun game indeed, last night I've seen a jump in high attendance on TPU and that was a nice site to see. I want to wish all TPU players and other admins a Merry Christmas. 2012 is just a week a way and this past year was one rocking year on TPU. 2011 we have seen killer mods and birth to a new TPU server for BF2, thanks Jeff! It just doesn't get any better than this. I will see you all on the battlefield soon. Cool
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 Thursday, December 29 2011 @ 09:06 AM -08  


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gee were was i when this happened xD
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