Welcome to jdrgaming.com Saturday, May 18 2024 @ 12:30 PM PDT

Minecraft 1.16.1

After a few technical issues yesterday, I successfully upgraded the JDRGaming Minecraft server to the latest server version. It's now running Minecraft (Spigot) version 1.16.1.

Minecraft 1.16 was released on June 23, with 1.16.1 following the next day. I usually wait a few weeks before upgrading the server, because it takes the Spigot mod developers some time to update Spigot to work with the new Minecraft version.

The release notes for Minecraft 1.16 list a huge number of changes, many of them related to the Nether. Well, this is the first Nether Update, after all.

The release notes for Minecraft 1.16.1 show that this is a minor bug fix update.

I've also upgraded the anti-griefing, security, and scripting plugins used on the server. Everything should work as before, although one of the plugins is an alpha version. So I'll try to keep a close eye on things over the next few days.

If you notice anything broken or not working as expected, please let me know. Use the About/contact link in the top menu.