Welcome to jdrgaming.com Saturday, May 18 2024 @ 12:27 PM PDT

Full functionality returned to Minecraft server

On December 18, I upgraded the JDRGaming Minecraft server's world data. Upgrading world data can often resolve various kinds of problems, some of which cause error messages and sluggish performance.

I'm satisfied that the upgrade had the desired effect, in that the world seems less buggy and has fewer performance issues (e.g. lag). However, I failed to notice that the Skript plugin was no longer functioning normally after the upgrade.

Skript provides much of the functionality related to the new 'claims' and other anti-griefing security features. So none of that stuff was working.

I finally noticed the problem yesterday, and resolved it by upgrading Skript and deleting some out of date files. Claims and other scripting-related functions should once again be working normally.

I apologize for the screwup.