Welcome to jdrgaming.com Saturday, May 18 2024 @ 01:04 PM PDT

Minecraft server re-launch

The JDRGaming Minecraft server is back online after about a week of downtime for upgrades and enhancements.

The main reason for these changes is the amount of griefing I've observed in recent weeks. Simply banning griefers (most of whom are, sadly, children from unhappy homes), isn't enough. More protection and admin tools became necessary.

If you're one of the griefers I've been dealing with, or someone who idiotically insists that griefing is 'part of the game', please ask your parents to get you help for your mental health issues. You're almost certainly a budding sociopath.

What's new

  • It's no longer a 'vanilla' server. Vanilla servers just don't have enough tools for dealing with griefing. Instead, the server now runs Spigot, which is a set of tools that enhance vanilla Minecraft. It's the same world, with (mostly) the same rules.
  • You can (and really should) 'claim' locations in which you intend to build. You can also claim areas in which you've already built. Once you've claimed an area, nobody else can change anything there unless you explicity give them access. The server will notice when you start building and offer useful hints about claims. Use the new command /getclaimtools to get a pair of items that help with claim management. This list of GriefPrevention commands should help.
  • Several other grief prevention measure have been enabled; for example, to limit the spread and effect of fire and explosions.
  • New commands: /sethome and /home. The former allows to you remember your current location as your home location, while the latter will teleport you there.

If your constructions on the server have been damaged by griefers, I apologize. I did try to restore a version of the world pre-griefing, but wasn't able to find one that undid all the damage without also undoing legitimate building. Hopefully the new anti-griefing measures will limit griefer activity in the future.

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