Welcome to jdrgaming.com Saturday, July 13 2024 @ 09:17 PM PDT

JDRGaming site and TPU stats now on Cloudflare

The Internet caching service Cloudflare allows web sites to remain accessible even when the servers hosting those sites are down. It also provides protection against DDoS and related attacks. Cloudflare's basic web site protection service is free. In September, Cloudflare announced that DDoS protection would be extended to free accounts.

The jdrgaming.com web site, TPU stats, BF1942 server, BF2 server, and numerous other sites and services are all hosted on a single server. Clearly, it would be helpful to users if the jdrgaming.com site remained accessible during server outages, and had some protection against DDoS attacks. As of September 26, jdrgaming.com and tpu.jdrgaming.com are protected by Cloudflare.

If you notice any problems with the site or TPU stats, please let me know (About/Contact in the top menu).

Cloudflare was recently criticized for providing their caching and protection services to racist and other hate groups, and for their policy of forwarding the details of abuse complaints to owners of those sites, including contact details for the person reporting abuse. Cloudflare responded by changing their abuse reporting policy, but says that it will not 'censor the Internet' by deciding who can and cannot use their services.