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Thursday, February 21 2019 @ 02:30 AM -08

Forgotten Hope 2.46 released

A new version of the Forgotten Hope 2 Battlefield 2 mod was just released.

The JDRGaming BF2 server is now running FH2 2.46. To join, you need to download and install the client files, which will be available on this site in the Files and Links section shortly.

All the fixes from the Coop patches (A through C) are included in version 2.46, so there are no special requirements for joining a coop server other than the 2.46 client. Because of that, I have removed the server password.

Other changes of note in FH2 2.46:

  • newly rebuilt maps
  • bots now understand more commands, including get in and get out
  • kit limiting
  • bots die immediately on entering guns deployed by humans to avoid CTDs
  • lots of other tweaks
  • improved AI bot names
  • bots use secondary weapons in vehicles better
  • bots use unarmed vehicles less