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Saturday, February 16 2019 @ 06:33 PM -08

Battlefield 2 server now running FH2 Coop Patch C

I've just updated the BF2 server to Forgotten Hope 2.45 Coop Patch C. This new version is not compatible with any previous version of FH 2.45, including Coop Patch B. You will not be able to join the JDRGaming BF2 server unless you are also running Coop Patch C: your BF2 client will crash when you try to join.

You can find a download link for Coop Patch C in the Files and Links section of this site, but here's a direct link. Install Patch C on top of your existing FH2 mod folder (but see the warning below first!)

WARNING: If you want to be able to join non-coop FH2 servers, you should make a copy of your original FH 2.45 mod folder, so that you can switch back to it when the need arises. For instance, I have the following folders in my main Battlefield 2 folder: mods\fh2, mods\fh2a, mods\fh2b, mods\fh2c. Normally, mods\fh2 is the same as mods\fh2c, but if I want to join a PvP server, I copy mods\fh2a to mods\fh2.

Coop Patch C fixes numerous general and map-specific co-op problems in FH 2.45, so coop gameplay should be noticeably improved. There are two changes of particular importance: improved AI aiming and navmeshes with blank areas.

AI/bot aiming was improved in an attempt to reduce friendly fire. You may have noticed that friendly bots previously had a tendency to kill you if you were in their line of fire. Apparently the bot aim improvements have made battlefield survival even more difficult. I will be monitoring this, and I will lower the overall AI difficulty setting if that is warranted.

Navmeshes are map overlays that determine where bots are allowed to travel. Before Patch C, bots tended to drive vehicles into rough, narrow, and steeply-sloping terrain, and then get stuck. The navmeshes on several maps have been modified to prevent bots from entering these areas. However, this also means that if a human drives a vehicle into one of these difficult areas, then abandons it, and then a bot enters the vehicle, the server will crash. If this turns out to be a big problem, I will consider reverting to Patch B.