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Sunday, January 20 2019 @ 04:43 AM -08

Eidos: winner of 'most idiotic DRM' award?

In the long, sad history of DRM (aka copy protection), there have been a lot of bad ideas. Eidos may have come up with the worst one yet. Anyone with a 'jail broken' (i.e. arbitrary Apple-imposed restrictions removed) iPhone who legitimately purchases the new Eidos Deus Ex game will find that firearms mysteriously fail to work. There is no warning about this in the game, or during the purchase process. Eidos' motivation for this senseless DRM remains unclear. Possibly Apple is offering monetary rewards to developers who are willing to be Apple police. Regardless, any possible benefit to be gained by Apple and/or Eidos is going to pale in comparison to the backlash. When will they ever learn?