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Sunday, January 20 2019 @ 04:35 AM -08

A few maps removed from the BF2 server

I tested all the available FH2 maps on the new BF2 server and found a few that still cause server crashes, so I removed them from the rotation. Some of these are maps that worked before the move to the Linux server, and others worked before patch B. I'll be working with the FH2 developers to try to resolve these issues.

Maps removed:

  • Battle of Keren: server crashes about five minutes in, consistently.
  • Operation Hyacinth: server crashes immediately after first spawn.
  • Mareth Line: server crashes about five minutes in.
  • Port En Bessin: client crashes on join; server sometimes crashes during map load.
  • Eppeldorf: server crashes on join if playing Allied side.
  • Meuse River: server crashes about 20 minutes in.

If you notice any more problems, let me know.