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Sunday, January 20 2019 @ 05:49 AM -08

Remote intrusion attempts may account for some lagginess

I recently started experimenting with intrusion detection on my network and immediately discovered several attempts to gain access to my development system remotely. So far these attempts have been unsuccessful, but since the attacks are automated, they tend to flood the network with traffic for periods ranging from ten minutes to two hours, every few days.

Since there have been reports of lagginess on the TPU server and I have been unable to find any specific cause, I'm investigating these intrusion attempts in an effort to determine whether they might be the culprit. I hope to either confirm the intrusion traffic as the source or rule it out definitively.

Anyone noticing lag on the TPU server should report it to me (see below), indicating the date, time and approximate duration of the lagginess. That should help narrow things down.

jrivett AT jdrgaming DOT com