Welcome to jdrgaming.com Saturday, April 20 2024 @ 03:30 AM PDT

Stats reprocessing complete

Stats reprocessing was completed as planned early this morning. While the main player and map summary stats haven't changed, most of the detailed stats are now much more accurate and useful.

Three major problems were fixed: 1) kills of bots by human players were not being recorded except in the main summary; 2) character type (kit) usage numbers were not being counted correctly; and 3) vehicle usage numbers were not being counted correctly.

These three issues have been resolved. Areas of the stats site that should now be much more accurate include the player details for character type, weapon and vehicle use; the character type list on the character type usage page; the vehicle usage page and the weapons page. The weapons page now shows kills by weapon category.

You may notice that some of the detailed numbers still don't match up perfectly with the summary numbers. This is being looked into as well, but it may be simply the result of missing information in the game logs.