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 Monday, March 05 2012 @ 03:00 AM PST  


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oh yeah for the record these are some of the servers iv been banned from(that i can remember)
moongamers - trying to suggest things
CKUA - killing admins(on big team) and talking shit, putting down their server, deep hatred
Disciples el alamien 24/7 (modded) - mad cause i was a noob and didnt know how to use the "mods", mad at the plane whores for spawn killing
[5TH MR] Midway 24/7 - mad at plane whores, cussing admins
TAW battle of britain (modded) - not sure, i think i got a plane before a dude could tk me, big tk fight with someone i didnt know
apostles of midway - getting tired of waiting on carrier, being tked before getting in a plane, getting pissed and tking everybody and talking shit

currently i am not banned from any servers.
but being banned from servers for these reasons is why i came to the TPU server.
#1. with repeating spawn points people dont have to tk for a ride, and even tho it doesnt cut down on plane whores, it does allow u to get a plane and learn how to be a plane whore, lol
#2. cutting down on tking cuts down on all that drama people get into, most of the time it isnt either guys fault, both are just mad at watching rides drive off over and over, then walking 3 miles to die in a field. domino effect
#3. TPU admins dont tend to "bully" noobs by playing on the "big" team and owning them into a verbal fight just so they can kick/ban. again domino effect

so many servers were set up by a small group of friends, and that group pretty much thinks that server is their own source of power. they are in charge and can do whatever the want, if u dont like it they kick u to the door. no new ideas, no changes, no help, just hahahahaha kick u.
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 Monday, March 05 2012 @ 03:07 AM PST  

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Actually doc, you TM and myself really are very easy when it comes to this and I believe you went above the call of duty here by going back. I really think all TPU's admins are the most kicked back and easiest one. TM and myself have a thick skin and only get very annoyed when players tk over and over and just don't listen to admins statements. One of my pet peevs is when a player tk you just to get your ride and come up with oops and 2nd is when you ask so many times not to move the carrier and a player just keep on doing it when your not around ( next time is when I will give a temp 3 day ban,to give them a chance to follow rules before a perma ban). But back to the that server,for them to lash out like that tells me a lot about them and all you were doing was just talking about adding mods and for them to react like that,to me, is just lame.
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Jeff Rivett (site admin)
 Monday, March 05 2012 @ 05:56 AM PST  


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Quote by: [TPU]Darkryda

for the record this is only my second ban.
did i do what is expected of the TPU admins?

Hell yes. I think I might have been less patient myself, but the process you followed was entirely reasonable.

-- Jeff (boot13)
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