TPU Costs

Hosting: As of August 2015, hosting for and the TPU stats is on my own server, Foghorn, which is also where the JDRGaming game servers are hosted, including TPU.
Internet service (Shaw Business) status as of 2018May12:
Business Internet 75
Bandwidth cap: n/a
Download speed: 75 Mbit/second
Upload speed: 15 Mbit/second

Not included in these calculations:

Included in this calculation:

Current costs for running TPU/jdrgaming (as of May 2018):

I monitor the traffic on my network constantly, but in terms of bandwidth costs, the only thing that matters is traffic between my router and Shaw. Filtering out all of the other noise (LAN traffic, mainly) is slightly challenging, but I'm working on it. Complicating things further is the fact that I run a wireless network as well, and measuring traffic between the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Wireless WAN (WLAN) is even more difficult. As I get better at measuring actual WAN traffic, I'll post the numbers here.

Another complication is what appears to be occasional Gamespy DDoS attacks on TPU. Regardless of whether these are directed attacks against TPU, collateral damage in attacks against other hosts, problems with associated servers (eg. or simply the result of misconfigured game servers or server monitors, these attacks can chew up a lot of bandwidth, fast. I stop them as soon as I detect them, but sometimes I don't notice for a few hours.

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