TPU Challenge #1


Challenge Name:

=Kink= Fighter Challenge

Challenge Map:

Battle of Britain (TPU modified)


This challenge was originally created by the =kink= clan. They are a group of players that enjoy flying. They made this course to encourage people to fly in formation under pressure.

TPU is bringing this challenge to all of you TPU players who have the flying skills to attempt it. It was originally run in a BF109, but we at TPU believe in variety, and have loaded the map up with plenty of planes to choose from.

Challenge route

This challenge has three variations.


  1. Your flight must be witnessed by a TPU representative.
  2. You must complete the course in full.
  3. If any bridges are passed up, the challenge is over.
  4. If the pilot dies, the challenge is over.
  5. All passengers must stay inside the plane.

Video demonstration

Here's a link to the video.


Pilot                   Aircraft                  Challenge variation           Date and time