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TPU (Tanks n Planes Unlimited)

TPU stats reset

TPU's stats have been reset for the new year. I kept a copy of the 2011 stats, which you can still see by clicking the '2011' link next to the main 'Statistics' link in the left sidebar. Stats from before 2011 are also still available; click the '2010' link to see them.

Sisko was the king of 2011 by a wide margin. Congratulations! Can anyone unseat him in 2012?

Update: Stats review for 2011

Top points using TPU rating algorithm:
Sisko: 22,426.25 points

Top score (BF1942 score):
Sisko: 285,050

Top score per round average (played at least 20 rounds):
Tenacious: 88.7491 per round

Top Kill/Death ratio (played at least 20 rounds)
Sisko: 17.1263 kills per death

Top Team Killer:
Tenacious: 2343 kills

TPU scheduler fixed

It's a new year, so that means I'm busy doing some yearly maintenance. I'm hoping to roll over the stats later today. This morning I went through the laborious task of resetting every event in TPU's BFSM scheduler. This must be done every year or the scheduler stops working entirely. Let me know if you notice any apparent scheduler problems.

Battlefield 1942 debugger

I just discovered there is a debug version of BF1942. So I created a page that describes how to install and use it, which you can find in the "Files and links" section. There's also a direct link below.

Basically, the debugger generates a log during map load and subsequent gameplay, describing any problems with missing resources and various other problems. You map modders out there should seriously take a look at this thing - I know I will.

On the new page, there's also a link to an article that describes how WinRFA destroys some of the information in a map when it is used to pack map files. I'll be looking into that to see if maybe we can start showing "the chrome shiny reflections on some weapons & vehicles" on TPU maps. UPDATE: My own recent testing of WinRFA indicates otherwise, so this issue was presumably addressed in an update to WinRFA at some point.


UPDATE 2012Jan09: Oops! I left the linked page as a draft, which means you probably couldn't see it if you tried. That has now been fixed.

More tweaks to Battle of Britain from DarkRyda

DarkRyda has been hard at work enhancing the Battle of Britain map (the bf42 one). Some of the changes were requested by other players. Some of them are attempts to reduce lag, which has been a bit of a problem with this map. He also removed some of the jeeps that the bots like to sleep in. Here's the list of changes:

1. Changed the SBD to a Corsair.
2. Changed the B17 (removed) to an Illyushin.
3. Removed some Kettenkrads at the Axis airfield so bots don't drive them in front of planes.
4. Changed the spawn rates for tanks/jeeps/kettenkrads back to default setting.
5. Lowered all spawn rates for all planes to a maximum of 2.
6. Added a couple of AA guns at the Axis base to defend against plane raping.
7. Removed some Jeeps/Kettenkrads.

As always, feedback is encouraged.
Thanks, Ryda!

Can you see TPU in your in-game server browser?

I'm noticing some irregularities in the way TPU is appearing in the in-game server browser. This may be due to some router configuration changes I made when I was setting up the BF2 server.

Unfortunately, diagnosing this problem is difficult from where I am, because my computer is on the same network, inside the same router, as the two game servers.

Now, obviously people are able to join and play on TPU, but I know many of you are probably connecting using the WAN IP address (, or using XFire or HLSW to connect, thereby bypassing the in-game server browser.

But could I ask you all to check your in-game server browser? Once you're looking at the INTERNET server list, click the UPDATE button to rebuild the server list, then look for "Tanks 'n Planes Unlimited". Let me know what you find.

If those of you running BF2 could do the same thing in that game's in-game server browser, and let me know if you see "[TPU]BF2..." that would be extremely helpful as well.

Obviously having the servers appear in the in-game server browsers is not necessary for people to play on the servers, but it will help in attracting new players.

New Race Track

DarkRyda has made a ton of changes to his entertaining map, "The Race Track". The new version is now available to play on TPU and will be featured whenever we have a "DarkRyda day" on a Wildcard Wednesday. Switch to the map by voting for it, but don't forget to vote away from it if you're the last human player to leave the server.

You'll need to download the map and install it in order to play it. You can find the installer in the "Files and links" section (click the link in the left sidebar). Here's a direct link:

The Race Track has been removed from the DarkRyda Map Pack. A new version of the DR Map Pack installer is also available for download in the "Files and links" section.

Here's the list of changes to the map:
1. Added machine guns to bunkers/guard towers/windows/fences.
2. Added AA guns to buildings/bunkers, and any place that needed them.
3. Added B17s at three locations: Nitro Circle, Mojo Field and The Flying Fortress (see below).
4. Removed the falling car effect due to lag issues.
5. Removed the flag that spawned the falling car effect.
6. Changed the train yard to "Mojo Field".
7. Created a new feature: The Flying Fortress. It is a geometric marvel, stands five levels high into the clouds, has boards/planks/boxes/pipes/ladders so you can navigate wherever you want within the structure.
8. Added a flag (control point) at The Flying Fortress; it spawns cars/planes and a variety of guns to defend the fortress.
9. Added a tunnel to Nitro Circle to make it a bit harder and boost everyone's skill level a bit.
10. Writing on the wall at Nitro Circle that reads "NITRO CIRCLE".
11. Added one new road; it runs through the bottom of The Flying Fortress, over the top of the giant JB mound and past the new TPU chess board (see below).
12. Removed the high altitude spawn points at the main bases.
13. Added more soldier spawn points at all flags (makes it harder to spawn kill).
14. Added a few more cars at some of those "out in the boondocks" spots to cut down on walking.
15. Adjusted the intro screen to give credit to the testers that helped with The Race Track: Tenaciousmojo, Joe Nitro, Sisko and Not-a-bot.
16. Wrote a message at the top left of the map that reads: "This is a TPU original map, created by DarkRyda 2008".
17. Made a tall monument that shows respect for the TPU server and its creator Jeff Rivett; it also lists the year he started the server: 2007.
18. Made a chessboard with ruins surrounding it, in honor of all the fans of TPU; each fan has their own square on the board. There are over thirty names. How many servers have a map where plyers can go see thier own piece of a game that is actually theirs?
19. Removed a few train cars at Mojo Field so it's easier to get around.
20. Added a couple of new buildings here and there; also added some ladders and wooden planks at Mojo Field so players can get on top of buildings and train cars.
21. Changed the name of the city (north of Mojo Field) to "Nitro City" since it is located in the center of "Nitro Circle".
22. Removed the invisible wall in the center of the map; it turns out that the Stalingrad fences previously used there were causing problems.
23. Added a couple of fences to a few danger areas.
23. Changed the name of the eight track to Burwood.
24. Added plane ammo at both main bases, Mojo Field, and The Flying Fortress.
25. Increased spawn rates for planes/cars/tanks.
26. Lowered some buildings that were not sitting on the ground.
27. Added a few tunnels coming off The Flying Fortress: two are at the bottom, and one comes out the top.

Thanks, Ryda! Looks like fun.

More map tweaks from DarkRyda

DarkRyda's been hard at work dealing with some long-standing map issues and requests.

  1. The Road to Rome map Baytown now has more (and better) tanks, along with some much-needed artillery.
  2. Lots of changes for the Battlegroup 1942 version of Wake Island:
    • Added more ships to both sides: Axis = 1 carrier and 3 destroyers; Allies = 1 battleship, 2 destroyers and a support ship.
    • Changed the tanks on the island: Axis = 57mm Chi-Ha, 47mm Chi-Ha; Allies = M3 General Lee, M3 Satan (flamethrower).
    • Changed all AA guns to German Flak36.
    • Used all classic TPU locations for new AA guns.
    • Changed the ticket count rundown rate so the map doesn't end when Axis takes all the flags; now the Allies have ships as a fall-back.
    • Added plane locations at the airfield so now there are 4 planes (used the BF109 and B17 locations from the original TPU BF1942 Wake map).
  3. The previously non-TPU-modded BG42 map 4302 Faid Pass has been given the TPU treatment:
    • Added 3 more tank spawns at the center flag.
    • Changed the side flags to spawn different tanks from each other to add variety to the map, instead of both side flags spawning the same things.
    • Gave the Allies a bomber, the Bristol Beaufort.
    • Changed the AA guns to Flak36.
    • Both sides have 2 different kinds of stationary artillery (big boys).
    • Changed the entire tank layout. Allies now have:
      • Priest
      • T19 HMC (apc) 105mm
      • M4 Sherman
      • M10 Wolverine
      • M3 Grant
      • M3 Lee
      • M3 Stuart
      • M26 Pershing
      • M1931/B-4 (mobile artillery)
    • Axis now have:
      • Panzer 38t
      • Panzer IV F2
      • Panther G
      • Tiger
      • STUG III G
      • STUG III B
      • Bison
      • Semovente 75/18